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Sherry Berona - Photographer

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Marc Ortiz - Videographer

Hello, and welcome to my site! I'm Sherry, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the Inland Empire in Southern California, where I have lived my entire life. I specialize in using photos to tell the story of your wedding day and the love you have for each other.

I shoot weddings, couples, maternity and family portraits. I believe in keeping my clients relaxed and comfortable and helping them forget the camera is even there. I've been told on more than one occasion that my calm demeanor helped my brides feel at ease when everything else was chaotic.

I have loved taking pictures since my mom got me a pink barbie camera as a kid (I wish I still had it). I took pictures of EVERYTHING until I fell in love with weddings. I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love. 

A couple of fun facts about me, (1) I love dogs. LOVE dogs. Like, I want to see photos of your dogs, and tell me all the cute stories about your dogs, and why didnt you bring your dog to this shoot, kind of love. (2) Im a total Harry Potter nerd. Yes, I have a wand collection.

Contact me HERE to discuss your photography needs.

An active filmmaker and photographer since 2011, Marc Ortiz is always looking for the “perfect shot”. Whatever the task, he looks for the most creative, artistic, and visually appealing way of telling the story, without losing the emotion. Marc is always looking to increase his skillset, as well as find new ways to create art.

As a self-taught filmmaker, Marc is always willing to experiment a little to achieve quality results with whatever he can get his hands on. He loves utilizing light and motion to create an artistic look and feeling in his work. Marc loves capturing as much of the story in camera as possible, and then continuing the process through the editing phase, which allows him to further immerse the viewer in the film experience.

His love of film and photography has taken him all over Southern California to work with artists like Shawty Redd, Michael Pierce, James Fowles, Steve Hofstetter, Roger Steffens, BMPIX.com, Junor Francis, USA Live, Bellywize Davis, Corporate Ballin Records, Vendor Music, Rob Cesternino, LJR Arts Academy, Shut Up and Drive, the Collegiate Water Polo Association and many others.

As a fan of not only films, but also photography and music, he loves bringing everything and everyone together for a fun, energetic set. His passion for filmmaking has set him on a journey that will hopefully never end.